Week 9 Recap of Pac-12 and Mountain West Football

With Mouth in the midst of a scuba migraine, he a Jeremy cover the weekend's happenings which includes but is not limited to: Utah winning ugly, Sark still coaching poorly, Cal fans not showing up, Cal's defense not showing up, UDub's non-existent offense, Stanford pounding OSU, Boise ending BYU's season, and Nevada's trip to the Island. 

Week 8 Recap of Pac-12 and Mountain West Football

Mouth returns from his travels to Tallahassee, and the game of the year. He and Jeremy recap a clearer Pac-12 North picture, and review Arizona State's surprise performance this year. Colorado State is the hottest team in the Mountain West, while the West division is in shambles. 

Week 7 Recap of Pac-12 and Mountain West Football

As Mouth prepares for a hurricane, he and Jeremy discuss Oregon's romp over UCLA in the Rose Bowl, USC's re-emgence inspire of Sark's bad coaching, and CSU's rise. They also hit on how Cal still sucks, and Fresno is still dogshit. Due to the hurricane, the audio is a little rough. 

Oregon Upset Special Episode

In a special edition podcast, Jeremy and Mouth discuss Arizona's upset victory over the Oregon Ducks. What does the future hold for both the Ducks and the Wildcats. Is Oregon's coaching staff in over their heads? 

Week 6 Preview of Pac-12 and Mountain West Football

Jeremy and Mouth go over the huge week that is Week 6 starting with Oregon Arizona, working in a little MWC action Friday night, Stanford @ Notre Dame and some big Pac-12 South match ups Saturday. Mouth also enlightens everyone about gouches, and Jeremy talks about a fling he had with Mike McIntyre. 

Pac-12 and Mountain West Week 5 Preview

Jeremy and Mouth preview the first weekend of Pac-12 play with UCLA @ ASU, Stanford @ Washington, and Oregon State at USC. They get into a fight over Colorado v. Cal. Then they look at Wyoming @ Michigan State, and CSU @ BC, and discuss whether Nevada is the best team in the West Division. 

Pac-12 and Mountain West Week 4 Recap

Jeremy and Mouth review the Ute's big win in the Big House, Oregon's near death experience in Pullman, Cal's epic collapse in Tucson, whatever Washington did against Seattle, Wyoming's miraculous win, and other action around the West. 

Pac-12 and Mountain West Week 4 Preview

Jeremy and Mouth preview Utah going to the Big House, Cal @ Arizona, Oregon @ Wazzu, SDSU going to Oregon State, and other Week 4 match ups. They also discuss FAU @ Wyoming, and why Carl Pelini got fired at FAU.