Tight End Rankings

Old School Best:

1. Crockett Gillmore - 6’6” 250lb SR - Colorado State: A big body who can block, and get open. He’s only going to blow linebackers out of the water. The kinda guy who will start off blocking, and then slip out for the play action TD. Reminds me of Owen Daniels.

New School Best:

2. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins - 6’6” 266lb JR - Washington: Possibly the best athlete at TE since Vernon Davis. The problem is that the production isn’t quite there. I don’t know if defense are rotating to him, but I don’t see him getting open consistently. Also, for someone his size, his blocking leaves something to be desired. He has some off the field issues, that need to be evaluated, but he could be great. Or he could be the second coming of Kellen Winslow Jr. It will depend on how hard he works to improve.


3. Kivion Cartwright - 6’4” 237lb JR - Colorado State: Like his teammate Gillmore, he’s a great blocker. Good at getting his hand on DBs in run game too. Definitely has the skill to make catches downfield. Reminds me of Brent Celek.

4. Chris Coyle - 6’3” 230lb SR: Definitely more of the split out TE type, like Dallas Clark. He has pretty good speed. Is going to need to bulk up to block NFL defenders.


5. Colt Lyerla - 6’5” 245lb JR - Oregon: His off the field transgression have been well documented by now. While it’s relevant for future employers, I think someone should tell ESPN that a 20 year old getting arrested for drugs isn’t news. With that being said, Lyerla has some personal issues to work out. But if he does work them out, I see no reason he can’t succeed in the NFL. He’s got a freak body, and great hands. Probably not the best blocker around, but not bad for a guy who never had to block anyone until he came to Eugene. I wish him all the best, and think he’s still a draftable player.