Wide Receiver Rankings

The Man:

1. Brandin Cooks - 5’10” 186lb JR - Oregon State: Cooks is far and away the best receiver in the Pac-12. He has a Wes Welker like ability to get open. Quick feet, and great route runner who then can make defenders miss once he gets the ball. He just looks unstoppable at this point.

Game Breakers:

2. Paul Richardson - 6’1” 170lb JR - Colorado: Richardson’s speed makes his a deep threat. He’s very good at working on the edges. Has good ball skills. I would like to see him get more separation in man coverage. Reminds me a lot of Mike Wallace.

3. Marqise Lee - 6’0” 195lb JR - USC: It’s a surprise that Lee isn’t at the top of this list. But in 2013 he just hasn’t looked at good as he did in 2012. Lee still gets open, but when he gets the ball in his hands he’s not been consistently good. It looks like he’s trying to break every catch for a TD. A lot of it has to do with who’s throwing him the ball. He’s still a game breaker, but just not in the elite category.

The Big Bodies:

4. Davante Adam - 6’2” 212lb SO - Fresno: If Adams sticks around for 2014, he’ll be one of the top receivers in the country. The best part about his game is the way he can go over the middle, take a hit and keep going. He’s a deep threat in the MWC, but I don’t think that’s his game in the NFL.

5. Cody Hoffman 6’4” 210lb SR - BYU: I love Hoffman’s ability to catch the ball along the sideline. He’s fast enough to be a deep threat in the NFL, but not elite level. I like him more as possesion type receiver. Probably this year’s Robert Woods.

6. Jalen Strong - 6’4” 205lb SO - ASU: After Brandon Cooks, Strong is the one I’m throwing to on a 4th and 8. I absolutely the way he separates from DBs, and meets the ball with his hands. He uses his size well. I’m not sold on his speed, but he’s got enough to make it in the NFL. Only, a Sophmore, JC transfer, so I think he has yet to reach his ceiling. Could end up being the best of the whole group.

7. Brandon Wimberly - 6’3” 225lb SR - Nevada: He’s an incredible talent, but I have my doubts how his size and speed are going to translate to the next level. I’m not sure his route running and hands are good enough to compensate once the speed and size gap is narrowed. He may want to work on his blocking, since special teams could be the way he makes an NFL team.

Utility Tools:

8. Josh Huff - 5’11” 205lb SR- Oregon: I would be absolutely shocked if Huff doesn’t make an NFL team. His blocking, and speed make him the perfect special teams player in the NFL. I don’t think he’ll ever by more than a #3 slot guy, but he could be the Steve Tasker of his generation.

9. Isaiah Burse - 6’0” 179lb SR - Fresno: He catches a lot of passes, and plays the supporting role to Adams’ star. Good returner! He could definitely make a team as a slot/return combo player.

10. Matt Miller - 6’3” 215lb SR - Boise: While I don’t think Miller is an NFl receiver, I do think he’s an NFL special teamer. A decent sized guy with a knack for reading a play. He’s the kinda guy you want on kickoffs and punts. Depending how the league changes, his size and blocking on the edge might get him on the field on offense too.