New Contributor Raymond Rodgers

Scouting The West would like to welcome our new contributor Raymond Rodgers. I've known Mr. Rodgers since 1999, and he will be adding his opinions and perspective on college football and the NFL draft . 

Raymond Rodgers was born and raised on the rough streets of Alameda, California but now calls St. Thomas aka Rock City, home. From a young age he realized if he wasn’t going to play professional football he may as well write for a friend's college football blog. In his spare time Raymond Rodgers enjoys sea turtles, Steven Seagal movies, paddle boarding, and either Weekend at Bernies or Weekend at Bernies 2. Finally, and this cannot be over stated, he believes the fact that Europe gets to be its own continent is ridiculous, especially given its relative size and position in relation to the entire continent of Asia. If anything he feels we should have six continents with Eur-Asia being a single continent.