One Bad Thing, Two Good Things - USC

One Bad Thing:

  • USC hired Lane Kiffin, but to quote Steven Seagal, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life.”

Two Good Things:

  • USC fired Lane Kiffin.
  • Equally important, USC may have found their next man in Ed “O-Dog” Orgeron. [Did you really give him nickname of O-Dog?] SC is now 5-1 under O-Dog with some quality wins over #4 Stanford and Oregon State in Corvallis. Regardless of how Oregon State finishes the season a road win in the Pac-12, especially in the state of Oregon is a difficult task, just ask 2006 and 2008 USC. O-dogg’s last task, assuming a win over Colorado, is to finish strong against crosstown rival UCLA and Ben and Jerry’s new flavor of the month Myles Jack Mehoff. [Seriously? A Black Sheep reference? How old is that movie?]

If O-Dog can do that, SC would finish 7-2 with an overall record of 10-3 (with an outside shot at the Pac-12 South). Not too shabby for a team that appeared on the verge of absolute collapse after the ASU loss. The real question becomes will Pat Haden keep O-Dog?’s Travis Haney reported SC is willing to pay its next coach over 6 million a year. Any single person with the ability to count knows that is more than Nick Saban is getting to coach a little known team in the state north of Florida. With what appears to be unlimited cash will SC go for a bigger splash? A sexier name? This is Hollywood after all.


Intriguing pro player from the USC-Stanford game:

Tyler Gaffney, 6-1, 226lbs, Senior

Gaffney is a senior, a Doak Walker award finalist and looks to be a solid pro prospect. Gaffney’s body type is very similar to Arian Foster who is also 6-1 and weighs in at 227lbs. Similar running style (when healthy, looking right at you Foster), upright, hits the hole, good after contact. The question becomes how high in the draft does he go? Especially with the draft value of a RB being equal or lower than that of certain Toronto mayor. The last time the leading rusher in the NFL won the Superbowl was 1995. To put that stat into context, 1995 was the year the TV show Cybil had its premiere. [A Cybil Shepard reference. What site is this?] 1995 was the end for such lovable shows as Blossom, Full House, and everybody’s old persons old person favorite, Matlock. The question with Gaffney is how much credit to give the Stanford offensive line? Trent Richardson looked awfully impressive in college, in the pros so far, not so much. So is he Arian Foster? Or is he another collegiate running back that will struggle in the NFL behind an average offensive line?

Quick look at the Pac-12

With Stanford’s loss to SC the Oregon Ducks are back in the driver seat in the Pac-12 North with two to go (@ Arizona, vs Oregon State). Barring another colossal setback they should be penciled into the Pac-12 title game. In the South, the UCLA-ASU match next week should be for the division. Of course, there are tiebreaker scenarios where UCLA could beats ASU, ASU losses to Arizona, SC beats UCLA, and boom!!! O-Dog and SC are in the Pac-12 title game. [You just wanted to say O-Dog one more time, didn’t you?]


Raymond Rodgers - Contributor