1 Bad Thing, 2 Good Things: Oregon Ducks

by Raymond Rodgers

1 Bad Thing:  

You just lost your second game of the regular season in what was possibly/probably/hopefully/but not really a National Championship winning season. Additionally, looking back at season’s past, yesterday is the worse loss since the 2006 season and coincidentally that was also against the Arizona Wildcats [Really? Same team? How is that possible?] To be straight, that isn’t the last time the Oregon Ducks lost but it is the last time they lost to an unranked team at by a margin larger than 25 points. The 2007 season, which also ended in Arizona on a Thursday night [How many times have these guys beaten you?] and the remainder of the season can be blamed on a bum knee [ah yeah, that Dennis Dixon crumbling to the ground video] and is thus off the record.

2 Good Things:

You didn’t want to play in that stupid most prestigious oldest “Grand Daddy of Them All” Bowl game anyway. Josh Huff and De’Anthony Thomas let their feelings be known earlier in the week.

“I just wish we would have handled things differently when we played [Stanford]. … I don’t mind playing in the Rose Bowl, playing for the fans and my teammates. But deep down I don’t wanna be a prep game for the national championship game.” - Josh Huff

And De’Anthony Thomas said playing in the Rose Bowl is “not a big deal at all.”

And now you won’t be playing in the stupid Rose Bowl [I get it, you’re mocking it cause they mocked it], you Ducks will be playing in whales vagina [Anchorman code for San Diego, I love that movie!!!] or San Antonio [I love Austin, but SA?] just a few days after Christmas. This is, of course, barring a victory over an Oregon State team that, at the very least, looks way hungrier.

The second good thing is this should be a learning experience in dealing with disappointment [wow, talk about a father son moral ethical Disney channel lesson], managing expectations, and most important; hard work beats talent every time, especially when talent doesn’t want to be there. Lastly, if the Oregon Ducks want to be considered elite for the long run, this game is the lesson [another lesson, I don’t read college football blogs for lessons] that when you are the cream of the conference you are going to get every team's best shot. If you learn that lesson, maybe next year will be the season you wanted, until then, have fun in San Diego or San Antonio, or maybe even “Sunny” El Paso [I love the Sun Bowl!!!].

Intriguing pro player from the Oregon-Arizona game: 

Marcus Mariota , 6-4, 216lbs, Rs-Sophmore.

Hard to say conclusively what it is about Mariota that isn’t to like except for maybe he needs more time to mature [does he? He looks pretty good guy]. The question then becomes will he stay at Oregon or will he make the jump to the NFL? Mariota is just barely 20 years of age [that guy is 20? What was I doing when I was 20?] and has the “measurables” the NFL wants, and is on ESPN’s draft boards [I love Kiper and evil mini Kiper Todd McShay] as the first QB off. His readiness and questionable lack of vocal leadership could benefit from another year at Oregon. Time will tell because the NFL is going to come calling, the question is, does he answer?

A Quick look at the Pac-12

A week after SC opened the door for Oregon to go the Rose Bowl, the Wildcats closed it on an Oregon team that just didn’t bring it. Stanford is back the driver's seat after beating Cal [Cal plays football?] and is headed to play in the PAC-12 title game to be played in Palo Alto, California [You know what that means?????……. break out the brie and the chardonnay baby!!!!]. ASU has clinched their first South division title with a gritty win over UCLA, and has earned a second shot at Stanford. Early upset pick is ASU over Stanford in the Pac-12 title game. ASU has seen Stanford and is playing with lots of confidence, they are going to be a handful the second time around.