1 Bad Thing, 2 Good Things - Washington Huskies*

*this looked a lot different seven days ago.

1 bad thing: Nothing. Not a single thing. A week after concluding the best season in the past five years with a coach rumored to be interested in the USC head coaching vacancy that has all changed. Sark is gone, and with him is a record five games over five hundred (34-29). The season was good BUT not great as Washington lost to all the serious contenders in the PAC-12 making them a second tier team in a conference they want to win. Sark had a contract through 2015 and was due a raise to nearly 3 million dollars so expectations long term were rising. Whether or not Sark could have delivered no longer matter at UW because the biggest question mark just headed to USC and the most coveted coach since Craig T. Nelson (that’s right, a Coach the TV show reference) is coming to Seattle.

First good thing: CONGRATS!!!! WASHINGTON HUSKIES!!!!!! SERIOULY, this is not a joke, you just hired Chris Petersen!!! The Chris Petersen who apparently turned down every single coaching job across the country thrice and three teams in the China Basketball Association (I heard it was the Beijing Shougang Ducks, Bayi Fubang Rockets and Guangdong Hongyuan Southern Tigers). The future has to be looking brighter considering where you sat just seven days ago (and that was pretty bright, win number 8, over Wazzu in the Apple Cup????)

The final good thing:  And this importance cannot be overstated; not only did UW hire Chris Petersen but Sark is staying in conference and went to SC. Sark may move back to his hometown area and turn into a great coach but don’t bet on it. In his tenure at UW he looked like a good coach, but not great, not a Pete Carroll or Chip Kelly type-guy. Chris Petersen on the other hand has accumulated a 92-12 record at Boise State with a pair of BCS games. UW has a new stadium, an increased athletic budget, and now a shiny new head coach. The sky is the limit in Seattle (so long as you can see it in the Northwest)

Intriguing pro player from the APPLE CUP:

Bishop Sankey, 5-10, 203, Junior.

Sankey looks good the more you feed him the rock. Three games over 200 yards, 7 games over 150 yards, and 6 yards a pop, what’s not to like??? Unfortunately for Sankey he plays a relatively worthless position in professional football (They are valuable but not to many of them get paid like it). His measurable at the combine will be interesting but man does he look like Ray Rice (that doesn’t mean he’ll be him at the next level). Ray Rice came measured in at 5-8, 213 so not far off. Washington will miss him next year.

A Quick look at the Pac-12

Next week: Stanford @ ASU (who had them at home for the PAC-12 title game?) for the right to go the Rose Bowl (I love the Rose Bowl).

by Raymond Rodgers