Christmas in April, 2007

Below are is my Top 96 from a project I called Christmas in April for the 2007 NFL Draft

  1. Gaines Adams-DE-CLEM-The most consistently outstanding player all year.
  2. Calvin Johnson-WR-GT-He did all that will Reggie Ball throwing him the ball.
  3. Joe Thomas-LT-WISC-Not a great Michigan game, but dominated the rest of the year/.
  4. Adrian Peterson-RB-OU-Terrell Davis part II, injury potential included.
  5. Alan Branch-DT-MICH-Super quick for a man his size.
  6. LaRon Landry-S-LSU-Hits and covers. Always seems to be around the ball.
  7. JaMarcus Russell-QB-LSU-Will change people’s perception of black QBs.
  8. Ryan Kalil-C-USC-Seriously, this guy blocks everything.
  9. Patrick Willis-LB-MISS-Very strong and instinctive- can be over aggressive.
  10. Aaron Sears-OT/OG-TENN-Excelled at LT. For some reason projects at G.
  11. Dewayne Jarrett-WR-USC-Has more speed and moves than Mike Williams.
  12. Levi Brown-LT-PSU-Showed great ability to pull and open holes inside and outside.
  13. Marshaun Lynch-RB-CAL-Patient and accelerates quickly.
  14. Jarvis Moss-DE-FLA-Freaky fast and shows great moves- not bad on run either.
  15. Amobi Okoye-DT-LOU-Penetrates frequently, just a little inconsistent.
  16. Robert Meachem-WR-TENN-Always a step ahead and a head taller.
  17. Brandon Siler-MLB-FLA-Tough and instinctive.
  18. Chris Houston-CB-ARK-Covers well, but is also an asset in defending the run.
  19. Aaron Ross-CB-UT-Good man to man skills.
  20. Leon Hall-CB-Faster receivers give him problems.
  21. Lamar Woodley-LB/DE-MICH-Not sure about position, but make plays around LOS.
  22. Ted Ginn Jr.-WR-OSU-More physical than you might think. Impacts in spurts.
  23. Michael Griffin-SS-UT-Threat over middle and in run game. Could cover better.
  24. Anthony Spencer-DE-PUR-Has anyone compared him to Dwight Freeney yet?
  25. Dameion Hughes-CB-CAL-Who cares about his 40? His reactions are phenomenal.
  26. Steve Smith-WR-USC-Already knows how to be a #2 WR.
  27. Reggie Nelson-S-FLA-His speed makes him undisciplined.
  28. Brandon Mebane-DT-CAL-Rough start of year, but became dominant later. Ask A&M.
  29. Buster Davis-MLB-FSU-If he were 4” taller, he’d be #1 LB.
  30. Adam Carriker-DE-NEB-Good against run- not spectacular. Measurable get this high.
  31. Brady Quinn-QB-ND- Great with time- but lousy under pressure.
  32. Troy Smith-QB-OSU- One bad game, still most consistent QB this side of Matt Leinart.
  33. Ben Grubbs-OG-AUB- Beast in the run game. Outshone linemate this year.
  34. Earl Everett-LB-FLA- Can rush passer and defend the run.
  35. Jon Beason-LB-MIA-Physical freak. Not to mention he can lay some serious hits.
  36. Dewayne Bowe-WR-LSU-Gets open, but needs to not drop as many.
  37. Doug Free-OT-NIU- Pushed everyone around in MAC and OSU.
  38. Greg Oslen-TE-MIA- NFL teams run 45% of the time. He can’t block.
  39. Darrell Revis-CB-PITT- Not many top flight receivers in the Big East. Not tested.
  40. Tim Crowder-DE-UT- He can get to QB, but tries to arms tackle too often.
  41. David Harris-MLB-MICH-Real fast sideline to sideline.
  42. Justin Blalock-OG/OT-UT- Not as dominant as most think. Great in pass protection.
  43. Anthony Gonzalez-WR-OSU- Good hands and gets open.
  44. Lawerence Timmons-LB-FSU-Very physical- can take on linemen.
  45. Rhema McKnight-WR-ND-He gets open on a regular basis and has some decent moves.
  46. Kenny Irons-RB-AUB- Antwain Smith like runner, but more explosive.
  47. Mkristo Bruce-DE-WSU- Need to work on separating himself from OTs.
  48. Chansi Stuckey-WR-CLEM- #1 offensive threat on Clemson- that’s saying something.
  49. Justin Harrell-DT-TENN-Out after 3 games, but played with surgery pending.
  50. Doug Datisch-C/OG-OSU- Can get to LBs on run. Needs to work on blitz recognition.
  51. Fred Bennett-CB-USCar-Good size and likes to challenge WRs.
  52. Rory Johnson-LB-MISS-Gets by OLinemen with ease.
  53. Paul Pozluzny-LB-PSU-Great instincts, but didn’t seem that fast.
  54. Jamaal Anderson-DE-ARK- If all you want to do is sack the QB, JA is your man.
  55. Marcus Thomas-DT-FLA (kicked off team)- When he played, he applied inside pressure.
  56. Eric Weddle-CB/S/RET-UTAH- Serisously, did anyone else play for Utah this year?
  57. Tony Hunt-RB-PSU- Runs tough, but not a big play RB.
  58. Rufus Alexander-LB-OU- Shows range in coverage, but misses too many tackles.
  59. Mike Jones-OG-IOWA- Can pick up two men at a time.
  60. Brandon Meriweather-S-MIA- Good in coverage.
  61. HB Blades-LB-PITT- Has no problem stepping into the hole.
  62. James Marten-OT-BC- Good in pass protection, but doesn’t have a mean streak.
  63. Steve Vallos-OT/OG-WAKE- Gritty player. Might make it the WWE someday.
  64. Joe Staley-OT-CMU-Showed good ability against Michigan and BC.
  65. Sabby Piscatelli-SS-OSU- Better against pass than run. Good to have in middle.
  66. Matt Speath-TE-MINN- Great blocker, even on DE, and runs great routes.
  67. Desmond Bishop-MLB-CAL- Somebody check him for roids.
  68. Samson Satele-C/OG-UH- Big reason Colt Brennan had such a good year.
  69. Kareem Brown-DT-MIA-Disruptive type player who can take on blockers.
  70. Sidney Rice-WR-USCar-Nice size, but padded stats against sub-par competition.
  71. Sam Olajabutu-MLB-ARK- Feisty tackle machine, in the mold of London Fletcher.
  72. Prescott Burgess-OLB-MICH-
  73. Manual Ramirez-OG-TTech- Good size and speed, but primarily a zone blocker @ Tech.
  74. Justin Hickman-DE-UCLA- Was not a one game wonder. Consistent player.
  75. Charles Johnson-DE-UGA- Out played Moses, and showed ability to defend run too.
  76. Josh Wilson-CB-MARY- Smart player. Not afraid to make tackle either.
  77. Enoka Lucas-C-UO- Good at picking up blitz, and good ability to get hands on LBs.
  78. Tony Ugoh-OT-ARK- Frustrating to watch. One minute he’s excellent; the next he stinks.
  79. Jason Hill-WR-WSU- Not a great year because of nagging injuries.
  80. Tra Battle-SS-UGA- Suspect pass coverage, but always manages to find that tipped ball.
  81. Kasey Studdard-OG-UT- Tough run blocker who doesn’t quit.
  82. Dan Bauzin-DE-CMU- High motor. He might be on speed.
  83. Paul Williams-WR-FRESNO- When healthy, he seems to get open with ease.
  84. Aaron Rouse-S-VT- Big hitter with above average cover skills.
  85. Ryan Harris-OT-ND-
  86. Kevin Kolb-QB-HOU- He can sling it. Don’t know if he can take pressure.
  87. Tim Shaw-LB/DE-PSU- Natural LB, but had solid year at DE.
  88. CJ Ah Yu-DE-OU- Rarely took himself out of plays.
  89. Jon Abbate-LB-WAKE- Around the ball at all times, but might be a little slow.
  90. Jay Alford-DT-PSU- Able to keep O-linemen off of Poz and Conner.
  91. Garrett Wolfe-RB-NIU- Has had big games against big competition.
  92. Lorenzo Booker-RB-FSU- Underachiever at FSU, but so was everyone else under Jeffy.
  93. Brandon Jackson-RB-NEB- Showed flashes of greatness with good power and speed.
  94. Jonathan Wade-CB-TENN- Can hang with the big boys 90% of the time.
  95. William Gay-CB-LOU- Intense player who is all over his WR. Doesn’t back down.
  96. Chris Messner-OT-OU- Got the better of Adam Carriker. Might project at G.