Week 3 MWC Preview

A couple of MWC teams head back East to take on the ACC. Both Nevada and New Mexico are big underdogs in these games. It sounds weird, but New Mexico has the better chance of winning their game, mostly due to the fact that they play a lower tier ACC team. Nevada will likely be overmatched in Talahassee, but it will be a good test for the 'Pack players with NFL potential.  

Deadly flooding in Colorado has postponed the Fresno/CU game, and our thoughts and prayers will be with the people of Colorado while they deal with this natural disaster.  


New Mexico @ Pitt  Sept 14th, 9:30AM PST ESPN3

New Mexico Players to Watch: Kasey Carrier RB(57) #5 SR -- Chase Clayton WR(NR) #25 JR -- Darryl Johnson LT #71 SR -- C Dillon Farrell C #63 SR(OUT) -- Jacori Greer NT #90 SR -- Dallas Bollemo WLB #41 SR

Pitt Players to Watch: Devin Street WR(8) #15 SR -- Matt Rotheram RG (24) #74 JR -- Aaron Donald DT(7) #97 SR

Key Matchups: Carrier v. Pitt LBs

Preview:  Kasey Carrier busted out with almost 300 yards against UTEP. While I don’t expect him to do that against Pitt, I’m looking for him to have a big game. Carrier could be a nice change of pace back in the NFL, but he’s going to have to prove he’s tough enough to run between the tackles, and it would be nice to see him catch out of the backfield. With Farrell out, the NM interior will have their hands full against Rotheram. They will have to double him to give Carrier room to run.


Nevada @ Florida St Sept 14th, 7:30 PST ESPN

Nevada Players to Watch: Cody Fajardo QB(16) #17 JR(?) -- Brandon Wimberly WR #4 SR -- Joel Pitonio LT #70 SR -- Lenny Jones DE #94 SO -- Brock Hekking DE(42) #53 JR

Florida St Players to Watch: Jameies Winston QB #5 rFR(‘15) -- Devonte Freeman RB(23) #8 JR -- James Wilder RB(24) #32 JR -- Rashad Greene WR(27) #89 JR -- Nick O’Leary TE (9) #35 JR -- Cameron Erving LT(15) #75 JR -- Bryan Stork C(2) #52 SR -- Tre Jackson RG(12) #54 JR -- Timmy Jernigan DT(4) #8 JR -- Mario Edwards DE #15 SO(‘15) -- Christian Jones WLB(7) #7 SR -- Lamarcus Joyner SS(4) #20 SR -- Ronald Darby CB #3 SO(‘15)

Key Matchups: Wimberly v. Darby -- Hekking v. Erving/Hart

Preview: Fajardo is questionable for this game. If I were Brian Polian, I would sit him and keep him healthy for conference play. FSU per usual is loaded with NFL talent. I’m going to keep and eye on Brock Hekking to see if he can compete with the big boys.