Best of the West - Offense - Week 4


BEST: Watching Derek Carr (Fresno) throw deep is like watching Yo-Yo Ma play the cello. We don't notice the difference between the good players until you see someone truly great play. Carr might not be the best overall QB in the 2014 class, but he sure as hell throws the best deep ball. He still doesn't get a lot of pressure behind a good O-Line, but his decision making is above average. He's really good at looking off the defense, but I don't think Boise really brought anything special. There were several drops by his receivers too. I didn't really see him miss his targets badly. 

Honorable Mention:  Brett Smith (WYO) treated the Air Force defense like Lil Wayne treats women. He did whatever he wanted, and certainly didn't call them back the next day. He plays with a confidence that makes him really likable. I was most impressed by his accuracy. He was hardly off target and didn't give the defenders any chances. His delivery is a little funky, but everyone needs a little funk in their lives. Kevin Hogan (STAN) had a very Kevin Hogan game. He was consistent, made throws when he needed to, and most importantly didn't screw up. 

Needs Work: David Fales (SJSU) isn't a 1st Rounder. He's accurate for sure, but he's firing a .22 not a howitzer. With so many QBs to choose from he's not going to be at the top of anyone's list. Chuckie Keeton (USU) still might cure cancer, but he wasn't able to cure the USC defense. He didn't have a bad game, but it took him out of the all world Chuckie Football category. 

Running Backs:

BEST: Adam Muema (SDSU) is good when healthy. For a big guy he's got good lateral quickness and straight ahead speed. He brings a different dimension to the SDSU offense. It was a comendable performance in an unspectacular week for RBs. He's back in the draftable category.  


BEST: Brandin Cooks (OSU) is like that biker bar down the street. As much as you hate him, and lobby your council member to shut him down, he stays open. He can just beat you so many ways- deep, over the middle, jukes after the catch. Your best chance is for him to drop the ball, which he does occasionally.  

Offensive Linemen: 

BEST: David Yankey (LG STAN) is like a polar bear. He lures you in with cuteness, and then mauls you. I think Will Sutton would agree. I loved that he didn't try to over power Sutton. Instead he used his quickness and positioning to force Sutton out of plays. I also love how he gets on LBs.  

Honorable Mention: Kevin Danser (RG STAN) also handled Sutton quite well. My favorite part of Danser's game is how fast he is. He pulls, and move around a lot. Super active. Watching Cameron Fleming (RT STAN) run is like watching an elephant run. It looks odd, but somehow he covers a lot of ground. There was one play where I saw him get out on a safety, on a slip screen before the safety knew what hit him.  

Needs Work:  Kevin Graf (RT USC) is a fine player, but he's just not elite. He doesn't dominate defenders, and I too often saw him not blocking anyone. I think he'll make the NFL, but definitely not a Day 1 pick. Tyler Larsen (C USU) had a rough day. He was overrun by USC's front and LBs. It was tough to tell if it was him or his line mates, but either way he did not stand out.