Week 5 - A Fall Wedding Diatribe

As I am an active participant in a wedding on Saturday I will not be scouting any games this week. In place of my reviews, I will be compiling my Best of the West Positional Rankings. In place of my preview, you can find my view of fall weddings below:

Fall weddings are evil. And not even one of those necessary evils like the doctor’s office waiting room, or the infant induced sleepless night. They are totally unnecessary. Being married myself I understand the need for weddings. But there’s a time and a place for weddings. A wedding is a celebration. Fall is not the time for celebrations. The holidays tell us this truth: Labor, Veterans, Thanksgiving. These are serious holidays because fall is a serious time. Fall is the time for harvesting our final crop, tilling the soil and preparing for winter. It is not the time to be celebrating the joining to two bodies into one.

Fall is not a romantic season. The smell of rotting leaves fills the air. The water on the ground soaks through your shoes, leaving your socks cold and damp. The geese overhead tell you it’s time to go inside, and not gather outside in formalwear drinking Chardonnay. Yet we ignore it.

Fall is the time for work, and serious thought. Fall is for hunting, raking leaves, putting up the storm windows, and pumpkin pie. But most of all fall is for football.