Best of the West - 2014 NFL Draft - Quarterback Rankings

With Marcus Mariota and Brett Hundley staying in school, the quarterback position is dominated by the Mountain West. David Carr lived up to the pre-season hype, and looks to be the best of the bunch. While it would have been great to see one more year of Brett Smith in Laramie, he made a smart move going to the NFL now. After those two guys, I'm not sold on anyone as NFL caliber QBs, but it all depends on how they mature.

1. Derek Carr - 6'3" 210lb SR - Fresno State: Carr has almost everything you want in an NFL QB. Strong arm, quick release, good vision, and smart decision making. He lacks speed, but that's not always required. The bigger concern is his accuracy under pressure. He does great when his initial read is there, but at times the ball can get away from him. I expect him to tear it up at the Senior Bowl, combine and pro day. He's got the potential to be a bigger Drew BreesCurrent Projection: 1st Round

2. Brett Smith - 6'3" 200lb JR - Wyoming: Smith is without a doubt my favorite prospect in the draft. He's a bigger, more likable Johnny Manziel. In case you don't watch much Wyoming football, here's the deal: Mediocre Offensive Line + Bad Defense = Brett Smith running for his life trying to score as many points as he can. And the amazing thing is that Smith is pretty good at that. He's got a big arm, and good speed. He buys himself a lot of time, and always keeps his eyes downfield and hits the open receiver. He's got a funky throwing motion, but it works. He's not going to get away with all of his antics in the NFL, but he'll no doubt be on a better team. Current Projection: 2nd Round

3. David Fales - 6'3" 220lb SR - San Jose State: Fales is a more evolved system quarterback. He's great at reading defenses and knowing where his receivers are going to be. But he's 6'3" and can put some muster on his throws when he steps into it. The problem is that he doesn't always step into his throws, resulting in mixed velocities when he throws the ball, and mixed results. He's going to have to work on that if he's going to make it in the NFL. At this point he's not a starting caliber QB. Someone will draft Fales in the hopes he'll get better and more consistent. Current Projection: 5th Round

4. Keith Price - 6'1" 202lb SR - Washington: Thankfully, Price reverted back to his 2011 form, after a down 2012. He was much better in Sark's new hurry up offense. He started off the season on fire, but cooled off as he took more and more hits. Price is a competitor who is great outside of the pocket. Price has a similar game to Russell Wilson. The downside is that he lacks the  elite, size, arm strength, and speed the he would need in the NFL. Current Projection: Undrafted Free Agent

5. Joe Southwick - 6'1" 201lb SR - Boise State: Nobody thinks Southwick is going to get drafted, but nobody thought he would get suspended for peeing off a balcony either. Current Projection: Audi Salesman